Wednesday, March 2, 2016


    I shared "rerouting" on my Facebook page back in June 2015 after returning to my current but temporary, place of residence from a trip great home. I had an amazing weekend with all of my first cousins as we celebrated a weekend we titled "Cousin Love". I was sitting on the plane reflecting on how wonderful the weekend was and thanking God for allowing us to come together to celebrate having fun through laughter(way too much if that's even possible), dancing, playing old school games we played as kids together, eating together, going to a movie, worshipping together and visiting the gravesite of two cousins that are no longer with us. We all proactively worked hard to keep the weekend positive and without old drama, new drama generational drama etc. We captured almost every moment on camera even out game of Red Light, Green Light.....which I'm compelled to state I won! :)
     God gave us a valuable priceless weekend that we will forever cherish! So I sat there on the plane smiling at my brand new memories and allowing the good feelings to surround me like the best hug received from your mom when she's "acting weird" and wants to say I Love you! I thanked GOD for helping me get to a place in my life that I could contribute and enjoy such a trip. I wrote this in the air while descending after observing absolutely everything around me but yet only focusing on certain things that seem to stand out the most.  
     I don't get to spend as much time on social media as I once did, however when I do I often write a "blog" as I've been told by so many. I try my best to keep my post simple but it's often difficult for me. I sometimes have moments when I feel like I better write that down and I know it's just for me due to my personal reflecting. I also know that there are moments when I must write something down and share it. Because I like investing in others that will encourage someone else to move pass a place that continues to shield the happiness that lies so closely ahead of them. I've being sifting through a lot of my previous thoughts and studies to see what I would like to share or what I'm lead to share. I'm no guru by any means, just a woman that's lived a life making mistakes here and there. Learning from my failures and my triumphs. Growing from my mishaps and accomplishments. I've become a huge believer in passing on all of what I've learned.
     "The flight that I was on had to be rerouted  due to a storm. The pilot stated in order to get through the storm we were going to take a different path but we'd get there. Of course this meant we were going to be delayed some time in getting to our destination but we would still get there. As  I listen to others sigh and complain around me I was alright because I had prayed, He'd get me home safe. So if it was going to take more time, I'd wait patiently, after all I just had one of the best weekends ever. When we finally started to take off I watched the wings shift to accommodate the difference in altitude as the plane went higher. I began to reflect on my life; where I am today and how long it's taken me to get here....funny thing but in that moment I remembered my prayer some years ago.
    I begin to reflect, I could see how things had to be "rerouted" in my own life to get me through the inevitable storm that came. At the time I didn't see the size of the storm but my "Pilot" did. I remembered sighing and yeah I complained some but I eventually embraced the storm before me. I acknowledged that there were some adjustments that needed to be made inside of me to accommodate the new altitude(people/places) in which I was being prepared for. The lesson learned: I know there will probably be other storms to come however the difference now is I know how to patiently wait and even though there maybe some people and location changes. I may not get there as fast as I would like....I Will Get the time I was destined to be there.  #JustReflecting #ThankingGodforEverything #JustLanded"


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