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I'm a Detroiter, born and raised!! I've lived in Colorado, California, Nebraska and out of the country! I still love my city even though I don't reside there any longer. I do my best to visit twice a year once with the kiddos and once without! Oh yeah the kids Darrien (24), Dejah (20), Destiny (17) and the twins John and Darrin (14). Yep I have five kids with my ex-husband. {Picture insert: This is actually an old photo but favorite and the last professional picture they took together}

I've been divorced for 5 wonderful years! I'm in my early 40's and loving the time spent embracing being single, raising the last of our kids, travelling and finishing my degree. Recently I've had the pleasure of falling in love with an absolutely extraordinary man! Out of our true friendship grew something beautiful neither of us saw coming. We love laughing and having great stimulating conversations. What I adore the most about him is that he allows me to have a voice, he actively listens to what I'm saying and what I don't say. He's quite intuitive and it's always so damn impressive. {Edit: On December 25, 2016 he offered me his last name}
Sunset at Rick's Cafe - Jamaica

I love dancing, singing loud, feeling the music I listen to and writing. I can now confess that I've always been a fan of Bon Jovi, Expose, Madonna(the 80's and early 90's one), Heart and the Bangles! You know being a teen growing up in Detroit there were a few things you just didn't confess to liking and lived to tell about it. :-)  I get a little distracted by pretty sparkly things, shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry, phone cases, nail polish etc....hey I'm a girl! Right now I live for trips to the Caribbean Islands (partial to Jamaica) and Red vine licorice!! I've had a serious crush on Ralph Tresvant since high school and Johnny Depp since 21 Jumpstreet. I have bias against short men and black women who wear white pantyhose (don't ask I'm working on it).

I'm passionate about encouraging and empowering women to become independent thinkers and self sufficient. I've changed my career path to dedicate a portion of my life journey to create empowerment sessions and literature to assist women in improving their lives. I'm passionate about Christ! I owe all that I am and all that I have to all that HE has given for me. I'm thankful for His favor and His Grace that has covered me through my greatest victories, toughest losses and my heartbreaking failures. I don't beat folks over the head with a bible and yell repent.....even though I've visualized it and think it would be funny to try at least once :-)  I do believe in speaking His word when directed to do so by Him. I will worship Him forever, in the midst of the fire, isolation, betrayal, hardships, lies and rumors that man may create because He's already proven He'll get me through it all. He is my reason to LOVE!

In short, I'm just a big-head girl from the east side of Detroit that enjoys laughing way too loud and finally standing up to Live Free in the way that makes ME happy!!
42nd Birthday Dinner

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