Life Lesson

I'm sharing a life lesson that freed me from living a life I allowed others to create. I'm like so many that didn't realize how much "control" you give to others and what society dictates. I'm referring to the invisible chains you aren't aware you have holding you down or back. I don't think I actually realize how much I gave away until I was freed. It took me awhile to readjust and figure out what my vision for my life would be, asking myself hard questions and owning my faults. I embraced every part of me and released every part that was not.

After I decided to finish my degree and began working toward my graduate degree, I came across an article(of course), I saved because I knew I'd use it again some way some how! About four days ago I found out that I had a blog page since 2011 that I never set up. Which is actually a good thing because in 2011 I was in no way prepared nor was I enlighten like I am now about some things. Well this article, inserted below, I want to share because I LOVE it! I mean I wish I had wrote the article because of how much it stirred my inner being. Yes, it's that good.  It's so rich in content and could prove useful to someone on a path to "figuring life" out. Did I mention it even contains one of my favorite quotes!?! I didn't have this article with it's soul seeking questions to help me process through a difficult period in my life. However, I believe it could help someone so I'm sharing it in hopes that it inspires them to look inward and "break away" from a life someone else may have created for them or society has pressured them into living. I think when you know who you are you can figure out what you want and when you figure out what you want you can then plan out the necessary steps to go after it. We spend so much time going after the wrong things and we miss out on the right things. What are the right things? Well those are the things that matter to you. For me what matters is what makes me happy, encourages me to smile, cultivates positive energy, sparks me to show compassion and stimulates me to laugh or dance!

Offer your life lesson, the lesson that will help and not hinder.

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