Thursday, April 18, 2019

How valuable is your time?

Learning a lesson happens when you are prepared and freely willing to receive what’s being shared.  “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I find this quote to be liberating and invigorating because it reveals that upon an inner awakening one acquires an essential key to better living practices. It is in due time that we learn how to heal, grow, release and mature when ready. I’ve reached the time in my life that being mindful of my time and skillfully managing it has assisted personal growth. It’s only taken me about 40 years to fully comprehend the true essence of what time is, where to limit it, recognize why time should be valued and when to treasure it. 

Read this: “We grieve for time’s passing, but do not respect it in the present. We want it back after it is gone, but ignore it when it is here. We do not properly value it.  Money can be built back up if we spend it all, and yet we value it more than our time, which could run out at any moment. By knowing deep within ourselves that time is a finite resource, we can start to give it value. What will you do with your next hour? What would you do differently if you knew it was your last hour?” Far too often we only recognize time’s value when it’s loss. We don’t seize opportunities due to being wasteful, unproductive or allowing others to apply their limitation. Understanding that the more time you waste the less time you have for achievement (moving forward). Valuing time also helps us in being productive and effective in our pursuit to greater heights.

How valuable is your time? Let’s consider the time allowed to be consumed by negative and/or toxic energy. Far too often individuals make the statement “my time is valuable” and yet they consistently waste time consumed in gossip, arguing, holding a grudge, being mean spirited, procrastinating etc. In the past I can recall allowing myself to be drawn into madness and accepting all kinds of invitations to petty parties. During this journey of self-improvement I’ve learned to place value on time in general. Currently, I spend time wisely by doing fun or adventurous things with those that I love. I am intentional in being mindful so that I am productive with my day. Unfortunately, this wasn't always the case for me, as I allowed time to be wasted. Take a moment to consider how valuable is your time? Do you think about how you spend it as much as you think about how you spend your money? Start tracking how you are spending your time, it will began to explain where you are in life. Succeeding in our goals or making dreams a reality relies heavily on good time management. Time is your most valuable asset and your next level in life is determined by your value of time.

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