Thursday, April 14, 2016

....with Humility comes Wisdom

I was discussing humility with a friend last week it was quite thought provoking so much so I found myself reviewing our discussion.  Of course this always makes me go into this desire for information overload and I research and read until my fingers go numb and my eyes beg for mercy. Lucky for my fingers and eyes I’ve been way too busy to spend the time to research, read and then compose how I feel. So I’m “shooting from the hip” on this one.
I want to begin with a quote I have on my desk about humility my personal interpretation of what humility looks like to me and some of the statements made in conversation. I must forewarn you that I’m running on fumes so if I began to ramble blame it on the alcohol I wish I was drinking right now. I’ve been working excessively for the last week and I’m starting to feel it!

 I want to share my views on humility and how I have often observed the way an excessive amount of pride will cause a person to miss the lesson life is attempting to teach. One of the comments I made during my discussion about humility is “I’ve learned how to humble myself through my adversities because what I figured out is when I don’t it tends to happen again. I watch others go through difficult situations come out with minimum repercussions or by the skin of their teeth and not have an ounce of humility from what they’ve been through”.  Internally I wanted to know why some people don’t but I then I swiftly decided to focus on why I now do. Maybe just maybe by doing that something else will reveal itself.  
The first quote I have to share is one that I’ve had on my desk for about 8 years or more, it’s a quote by Ezra Taft Benson, who I believe was Christian of the LDS faith. He states “Pride is concerned with who is right. Humility is concerned with what is right”. I believe I retrieved the quote from a picture frame that was used as a centerpiece at a women’s retreat I attended some many years ago. I remember thinking while sitting at the table how I didn’t want to be so prideful that I would not be effective in ministry work. I was given the frame and I placed it on my desk and referred to the quote when conflict appeared in my life. The quote helped me to take self out and concentrate on what would be the best course of action as it relates to the Word of God. Of course this would usually cause inner struggle between my flesh and spirit. I’m honest enough to admit that my flesh would win from time to time because a lot of my marital conflicts. However the process of taking the time out to think about “being more concerned for what’s right than just being right” began to become second nature, compelling me to follow the path of doing what’s right.

We don’t often see ourselves as prideful; I mean how many times have you heard someone state “Hey I’m just too prideful to admit I’m wrong!”?  Being too prideful will take you to a place of justifying, blaming and losing sight of the message. How many times have you been able just to take full ownership of something that didn’t turn out right due to your choices? Did you say “I was wrong.”?  I mean just really took ownership with no excuses coupled only with a sincerely remorseful heart. You see, that’s part of what I think humility is! It is a masterful balance between thinking less of self, your feelings or how this will make you look to others and yet empowering yourself. Humility allows you to enrich your inner strength with wisdom that many desire to have but haven’t acquired. It’s being able to see that others are just as important as you are no matter your status in life.  It understands that I have to truly embrace that I don’t know everything and still could be taught valuable life lessons at any age by someone younger, older, richer, poorer and less educated or from a different culture.  
My embrace of humility is due to a combination of things such as; a difficult period in my life, education, opening up my mind to listen to others and wanting those around me to experience happiness. Ok let me close, because I will ramble. :) I must end with Mr. Chronicle of Narnia himself, C.S. Lewis, who states that “true humility is not thinking less of yourself it’s thinking of yourself less.” Humbling yourself doesn’t make you the weaker vessel it actually strengthens the vessel that you are in. ~LatriceRenee

Be Strong! Live Free!!  

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